Awesome interactive tool that keeps students engaged

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

This is a great product for student engagement. Students love the competitive aspect and they are usually excited for the next question. The ability to set a timer and the ease of answering questions makes it easy for ELL and special needs students to be part of the group as well. The main downside of this product is the depth of content of the questions. Since speed is a factor and the product is designed to be fast moving, most questions are lower level. This doesn't mean that a teacher can't take the questions and lead a more in-depth discussion, but that would require elements outside of this tool. Overall, this is a great product for student engagement and worth using to get students excited about classroom content.

How I Use It

I use this product often when introducing or wrapping up a topic in class. Most times I will have the code already up on the board when students walk in and they know to sit down, get themselves signed in, and get ready to go. We do a quick review of expectations while playing and then get going. It works best my situation for the teacher to read the question and answers out loud so everyone gets a chance to answer in the allotted time frame. The same procedures apply anytime I have used this to wrap up a lesson or unit. It works best to have a quick session where the class plays a fun round to get the procedures down, after that they'll have no problem remembering how to play.