Engaging and interactive; perfect for the middle level classroom!

Submitted 7 years ago
Lisa M.
Lisa M.
Tamanend Middle School
Warrington PA, US
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My Take

This product allowed me to turn an intense and challenging reading activity into an engaging and exciting game. The students did the same amount of work that they would have done without Kahoot! However, they were far more engaged and determined to find the correct answers than they would have been by just answering the questions on paper. I love how easy this app is to use. I still had to provide the thought-provoking questions for the students ahead of time, but this product provided an exciting forum for students to demonstrate their learning and knowledge.

How I Use It

I used this product during a literature lesson. I gave my students some pretty difficult multiple choice questions based on their reading of the drama "The Diary of Anne Frank". During the class period prior to this lesson, I asked my students to bring their cell phones to class the next day. They were so excited to have their phones in class. Students worked in pairs to answer each of the multiple-choice questions. Having students work with partners took the pressure off of students who did not own cell phones. After each pair completed the questions, we set up the Kahoot! game. This went really smoothly and they were excited to make up names for their teams. We went through each question on the game and the kids had a blast! After the first few questions, I gave them some time to rethink their answers. Their discussion was outstanding and they were so driven to find the correct answers.