Great game for students for any subject!

Submitted 8 years ago
Courtney C.
Courtney C.
Hunter High School
West Valley City UT, US
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My Take

There was a lot more engagement from the class as a whole. I think this generation of students is more involved with technology and the more we can use it in our classrooms the more excited students will get about learning. I like that we can search for quizzes that other teachers have made, but can also customize, edit, and create our own version of the quiz. I really like that you can customize how much time is given on each question so you can adjust it to your student's needs. One thing I wish this product was capable of would be fill in the blank questions. You can do multiple choice and true/false but no fill in the blank. Overall, great product that I will continue to use in my classes!

How I Use It

I really enjoyed this product. I a pre-made test for a drug quiz for students to take before our lesson. I also created my own quiz for after the students learned the material to see what stuck with them. The students got really excited when they could be on their phones and there was increased participation and engagement from some students who fall off task or don't participate at all.