Great way to engage students in class review for any subject.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I think this is a great tool for review and formative assessment. I love that you can see the individual student responses in a spreadsheet format after the game is over. Students are ranked by their leader board points in the spreadsheet, making it easy to group students for small group instruction and remediation after game-play is over. The biggest strong suit of Kahoot is that it really gets kids engaged in the lesson. It also provides opportunities for class discussion to clarify topics not understood by a large percentage of students.

One disadvantage of Kahoot is that it only allows for multiple choice questions, which limits the level of rigor that can be achieved with this game.

How I Use It

I have used this as a review game to help students remember content before a test. Students love the game-style competition and leader board. It is easy to see which topics are understood by most students, and which ones may require additional class discussion. The best part about Kahoot is that students love it and are thoroughly engaged. But, beware... class can get pretty rowdy!