A fun, interactive, competitive way to review that provides instant feedback to students!

Submitted 8 years ago
Barbara H.
Barbara H.
Former Education Content & Professional Development Manager
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My Take

I think Kahoot is a great way to review with students and I love how students get instant feedback while they are playing the game. I like how it creates a healthy competitive environment within the classroom and all students are engaged. Kahoot could serve kids better if the amount of answer choices was increased and the allowance of text for questioning was increased. Kahoot could improve if it provided students feedback for correct answers instead of just saying if they got the answer right or wrong. Kahoot could become a more reliable informal assessment tool if the answer choices would scramble on the students computers.

How I Use It

I use Kahoot as short warm up lessons at the beginning of class to check my students' understanding of yesterday's content. Kahoot is also great for large reviews for midterm and final exams. I am loving the new experimental video feature because it takes the feedback tool to a new level where students are reading, listening and analyzing. I like how we can add a video when students are signing in, because all classroom time is being utilized. I wish that the names would not appear while the movie is playing because it can be distracting for some learners. I have tried to use Kahoot for a free response or discussion in class but I have not had a lot of success implementing this in my class currently.