Kahoot! Multiplication Games

Gamified practice drills for multiplication table memorization

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Character & SEL, Math

Price: Free to try
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Five free challenges each day and varied mini-games can be a good daily dose of multiplication drills.

Cons: There's no student tracking or student tips, and the drills don't offer much depth.

Bottom Line: The focus is narrow, but for straightforward drill practice, these fun mini-games can hit the spot.

Use the drills in Kahoot! Multiplication Games for short doses of regular practice. With five drills a day included in the free version, teachers can probably get away without purchasing. However, there isn't any way to create multiple user profiles, so students should play on their own devices. These drills are great for cementing the basic multiplication table to memory. The drills can also be good for students to use as a review before a quiz. Because there's no content being taught, and little meaningful feedback, teachers will need to use other methods to teach what multiplication means, address areas of confusion, and assess students' grasp of the material. Challenge students to examine the mini-games and explain how each shows number relationships. They can even design their own mini-games!

Kahoot! Multiplication Games is a jazzed up way for students to practice memorizing multiplication tables. Students solve simple multiplication equations set in silly contexts. For example, they see "My Birthday is 3x1" they have to and flip the pages on a calendar to display the correct date. Or they need to unroll toilet paper to collect the correct number of paper squares. A handful of drills are grouped into challenges; pass a challenge to earn stars or brainpower. There are five challenges available for free every day, and unlimited games in the paid download. At any time, students can visit the multiplication grid to see what levels they've passed, or choose any of the 20 mini games for extra practice. As students keep playing, games adapt to their right and wrong answers. They also unlock pieces of a comic book like story. 

Kahoot! Multiplication Games doesn't teach anything about the concept of multiplication, but it does offer a fun way for students to practice multiplication tables. There are a ton of products that offer this kind of practice, but what makes this app a bit unique is its quick cycling of mini-games -- each very unique -- with some representing number relationships in varied ways. The level of humor is at just the right level for mid elementary school years, which is when most teachers are starting to cover multiplication. All that said, it's still just multiplication drills: There's no instruction, tips, hints, or even quick walkthroughs of the games themselves. In terms of how it functions, it would be great to be able to turn off the music/sounds, and sometimes tapping on the home button doesn't work. And, for classroom use, multiple profiles with some way to see where students have trouble would be great. But as it stands, it can offer a fun, quick way for kids to work on mastering their times tables.

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Varied mini-games that cycle quickly spice up drills and add excitement. Rewards can help motivate students to keep practicing.


Students memorize multiplication tables through practice and repetition. Varied visuals illustrate number families and mental models, but there's no instruction or tips.


Stars, brainpower rewards, and a multiplication grid help let students keep track of their progress. There are no teacher tools, hints, or other supports.

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