Jungle Time - learn how to tell time (for iPad)

Wonderful for students who need a multisensory approach to telling time

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Character & SEL, Critical Thinking, Math

Platforms: iPad

Pros: Easy to customize the look, feel, and audio for different types of learners.

Cons: Requires teacher to put in settings for each child.

Bottom Line: Highly interactive with lots of settings for kids with visual and spatial reasoning challenges.

Teachers can begin talking about what time is and why it's important. They can use the class schedule to show how students use time in their daily lives. If a Smart Board is available, teachers can use an analog clock to show kids the minute and hour hands. Kids can take turns setting the clock on either the Smart Board or handmade clocks. Teachers can then set up student iPads to match the level of individual students. Settings can include play settings, clock style, and voice settings where you can change the 12-hour clock to say quarter and half past or fifteen or thirty depending on your preference. Note that teachers can monitor student work within the settings. 

 Jungle Time - learn how to tell time (for iPad) is an app that uses cute jungle animals to teach kids to tell time. The app has five levels and allows you to set up the iPad for multiple users if you only have one iPad. Students can work on any of four activities: telling time, setting time, understanding elapsed time, and setting elapsed time. Change the clock style within the settings and choose from a standard, learning, or classic clock. Play settings allow teachers to set the app for: continuous play, skipping allowed, answered required, or correct answers required.  

Kids who benefit from audio instructions can hear directions like "What time is it"? If they need to hear the question again, they can simply press the red question mark. An analog clock is always presented to identify the time and a scroll bar with the digital time is used to answer the question. If the answer is incorrect, the chosen jungle animal will make a sad face. If correct, the animal will "roar" for positive reinforcement. The settings tab allows teachers to see student history, which includes the date, the activity, the answer, the number of attempts, and the time spent. A separate section teaches all about telling time, including how to read the clock and about Daylight Saving Time, 24-hour time, and time zones. ​What's more, there are more than ten languages available for kids who are ESL learners. 

Within the app are many helpful examples and the ability to customize to different learners. For instance, there are several hands-on examples of how the hour hand, the second hand, and time differences work. The settings screen has a large number of options for tailoring the game toward the proper skill level, including telling time to the hour, the half hour, five minutes, and one minute, for example. 

Kids who are just learning time concepts or are struggling with them can benefit from Jungle Time. For kids with visual or spatial reasoning challenges, the app includes a learning clock style, which includes minute numbers that have color-coded hands. The learning clock gives kids who may have visual discrimination issues an opportunity to differentiate the minute and hour hand. The app also teaches students about the more abstract concept of elapsed time, which requires students to determine the difference in time between two clocks. Teachers and parents can track ther kids' history and see the date of activity and percentages correct and incorrect.

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Jungle Time is fun and interactive, and it uses a choice of jungle animals and sounds to engage kids.


The app offers five levels for learning how to tell time using an analog clock. It would be nice to see a larger scroll pad to tell and set elapsed time.  


A learning section helps kids differentiate between the hour and minute hands as well as how to tell time and add time. The app has good customization options, and you can track data in the settings tab.

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Fantastic time telling tool especially in a whole class participating via a Smart Board.

I liked this product much better with the whole class than for individual work. As individuals, the novelty wore off quick and the teacher had to set the settings/levels per student; however, if they had to watch and wait their turn for a few days, they stayed engaged and I was able to painlessly change the learning level only as we progressed as a whole group.

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