Great content information about all aspects of the ocean from the surface of the ocean to the deepest part of the ocean floor.

Submitted 7 years ago
Linda W.
Linda W.
Wareham Middle School
Wareham MA, US
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My Take

As a teaching tool Journey Into the Deep is helpful as it offers great content information about the ocean. It would best be used as a teacher-directed tool as there is a lot of vocabulary that students will not know. There is a lot of content and it would have been helpful be there were videos interspersed with the written content. It would have also been helpful to introduce the vocabulary at the start of each section so it could have been pre-taught to students. It also would have been helpful to have some Check In or reflection questions at the end of each section so students could have reviewed the key poinst for that level of the ocean. I did find the glossary helpful as well as the source notes and bibliography. The discussion questions were great at the end, but if would have been more helpful if they at the end of each section. The one addition to the app that would have been helpful would have been the inclusion of some suggested activities.

How I Use It

Journey into the Deep offers great content information for studying the layers of the ocean. In depth information as well beautiful pictures help students to learn about each layer and hot they interact with each other. This information can be used to supplement a unit on the ocean and life at each level. This would be best used as a whole class as there is a lot of vocabulary and high level content that would need to be explained. This app would be best used for grades 6 and up. There was a lot of content and this could be overwhelming for many students and content would need to be chunked to make it meaningful for all students.