Beautiful pictures and interesting details fill this engaging marine-based book - would enjoy more video clips

Submitted 8 years ago
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The book/app is filled with well written descriptions that make you feel you are a part of the action. There are a few embedded videos though I wish there were more. Kids seem to be more captivated by video though the images are captivating as well. One of the videos shows a submersible capturing a sea cucumber. Another watches the way sea creatures move. There are also a few animations throughout. Navigation is easy and students quickly adjusted to it. Some icons take you back to the beginning of the chapter, others take you to the beginning of the book, and others show you more details about the current picture or topic. Low readers probably would enjoy the pictures but the text is written for a higher level. It is a good non-fiction read.The end of the book includes a comprehensive glossary, source notes, a selected bibliography, and live links to websites where students could learn more.Overall it is a beautifully done product with excellent research included. Students who are interested in this topic and needed accurate and detailed information would enjoy it. Teachers could use the discussion questions to help stimulate debate on various topics. All students might not spend lots of time with the book and after viewing it once may not revisit it. But for those with a love for science and/or the mysteries of the deep, they would find a great source of information. It would be a good resource to have in the classroom.

How I Use It

This app/book could be projected for a whole class discussion on ocean exploration and research or could be used by individual students to explore and learn about ocean research. Some students were more interested in the pictures and did not take time to read the text as it appeared to be a lot of text. They did enjoy the video clips (there were two) and the numerous short pop up image descriptions.