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The jamboard app can be applied to the traditional classroom setting as well. Jamboard will allow for student communication and collaboration to be easily accessible outside of the classroom thus freeing up time for deeper classroom discussions or activities. Jamboard can be used to foster in depth thinking and discussion about a topic in preparation for a greater classroom discussion, it can be used as a group project to present new information to the class, it can be used in a gallery walk in which students have to present on smaller topi cs within a unit.etc. In considering the SAMR model, Jamboard would fall in to the augmentation category as essentially some of the collaboration done on jamboard could be done with paper and pen, however jamboard allows for inserting images and of course students can communicate and collaborate outside of the classroom

How I Use It

I recently was introduced to Jamboard by a colleague and used jamboard in an online class which required a collaboration on a group project. Since the class was an online class it provided an easy way for all of the participants in my group to collaborate on our assignment. Jamboard is essentially a white board that allows participants to post written ideas, drawings, images etc. All participants have the capability to move or rearrange the organization of posted material. Jamboard can serve as a space for discussion, create a presentation or a storyboard or add drive files to a jam. I did find some of the functionality of this free app limited. It is marketed as being a great tool for drawing shapes and images, I did not find that to be the case.