IXL is a great resource for all subjects for grades k-12!

Submitted 4 months ago
Ava C.
Ava C.
K–12 district
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My Take

The website is laid out in an organized fashion and is easy to navigate. The home page has each grade level with each subject up for the choice of the user. Once clicked, the program directs the user right to numerous games and tests that award them for correct answers and learning! Depending on the grade level, it might create some stress with the subject tests to see poor grades or points when first learning a subject. With older grade levels it can be a motivator to continue learning a subject. When a question is answered wrong, the correct answer is shown along with the reasoning. This program is a great way to add some extracurricular learning over the summer or even during the school year for all students.

How I Use It

This can be used for students of all ages. What is great about this program is that there are numerous subjects for grade levels preK through 12th grade. This program can be downloaded on phones or tablets but is also a website that can be used on all computers.