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Please don't use this site

My overall opinion about this teaching resource is to avoided it at all cost unless your ok with causing your students unreasonable amount of stress and frustration which can get to the point of the students wish they were dead or have a nervous break down. (this next part is from my "how I used it"). what worked was that the wed site loads very fast but that is about. one of the largest problems is the reward and punishing systems it uses witch it only gives a little bit of smart score (the scoring systems they used) which gives lower and lower amounts for exponentially harder questions. Then when you or a student gets an answer wrong it lowers your smart score by a very large amount which it usually takes 2-3 equation to get back to your original score. Next, another horrible mistake with some questions that requires you to round, it doesn't even do the rounding correctly, an example of this when it askes you to round to the closest whole number with a number like 12.546 which if you round correctly would be 13 but it will say the correct answer is 12, which combined with the horrible reward system will make a student such as my self feel frustrated, and makes you wonder if the next question will round correctly or not. Finally, is with the solutions which you can see when you get a question wrong, It shows how to work through the question you just got wrong, the only thing wrong with this part is it can be very hard to follow the steps. This isn't only my opinion either because I have gown around my high school and asked my fellow classmates and other students about what they liked and disliked about IXL and each one said about the same thing. So if you are a teacher or apart of a schools administrations and are deciding which math program for your students to use and you are thinking about Using IXL I beg you to reconsider.
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IXL is a great resource for all subjects for grades k-12!

The website is laid out in an organized fashion and is easy to navigate. The home page has each grade level with each subject up for the choice of the user. Once clicked, the program directs the user right to numerous games and tests that award them for correct answers and learning! Depending on the grade level, it might create some stress with the subject tests to see poor grades or points when first learning a subject. With older grade levels it can be a motivator to continue learning a subject. When a question is answered wrong, the correct answer is shown along with the reasoning. This program is a great way to add some extracurricular learning over the summer or even during the school year for all students.
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IXL Review

My overall opinion on this resource as a teaching tool is that it is wonderful. It turns teaching into a game, and has a bunch of different levels of math for all ages, including those in middle school and college. My only gripe is that it sometimes is so difficult, and takes so long, that students lose attention.
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Great way to practice through questions!

This is great software because it provides personalized learning experiences for students. It has many subjects such as math, social studies, and science so the possibilities are endless. One thing about this platform that is super beneficial for students is that it adjusts everything to the student's skill level and practice questions are personalized to each student's needs. The way that this platform tracks each student's progress is perfect to help students improve on their skills and stay motivated for their classes. This software also allows teachers to monitor each student's progress and it shows information on how each student is doing with each specific topic. Finally, the multimedia resources on there are endless. They have videos, pictures, and various interactive tools which makes understanding the material easier. The various multimedia sources are also able to reach all learning styles.
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Absolutely Disgusting

IXL is a terrible learning resource if you can even call it a learning resource. You work so hard, get to 90, and then get one question wrong and drop down to 76. Absolutely terrible, would not recommend. IXL is not about learning, it's about points, which have no value.
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It's my go-to online resource site for Math.

It's highly interactive!
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It is a good tool for students to test themselves

This would be a good tool fro teachers to use in Algebra Class and to practice during class or after class. It is very easy to use.
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Good Skill Reinforcement - Horrible Company

I loved the free trial version. I loved the data it was returning. My students were enjoying the computer-based tool. Then I saw the price and cringed. I work in a tiny rural k-12 school with less than 350 students in it. I am the only person in the school who is likely to use the program so I need 10 student licenses at best. I emailed for a quote and was given a price of $299 a year for 25 licenses. I explained my restrictions and they came back with a counteroffer of 10 student licenses on a "family plan" for $439 a year. I'm a teacher for god's sake, do they really think I'm that stupid? Why would anyone purchase a program from a company that is willing to con schools out of valuable resources? Please do not make any purchases from this company. They are scamming schools out of money and treating educators like idiots.
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I didn't, and my children did not like IXL.

Sorry, but i think it was horrible. There were many bugs and my children said when they got their answers wrong, it was to complicated to understand the "incorrect" page. They were more intrested in the math though. My kids said they hated the ELA part.
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Dont do it

Hate it! the learning process is awfull it gives you 2 points for getting a problem correct and removes 7 for getting one wrong. IF you want to assign this make sure you try and get to a 100% first. Honestly, it just makes the kids hate you and not want to do it. Give really homework not this, I know its easy for you but its not for the kids. Hopefully, teachers see this because for some reason they all seem blind to it.
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