Good Skill Reinforcement - Horrible Company

Submitted 10 months ago
Christina G.
Christina G.
Special education teacher
Whiting Community School District
Whiting IA, US
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My Take

I loved the free trial version. I loved the data it was returning. My students were enjoying the computer-based tool. Then I saw the price and cringed. I work in a tiny rural k-12 school with less than 350 students in it. I am the only person in the school who is likely to use the program so I need 10 student licenses at best. I emailed for a quote and was given a price of $299 a year for 25 licenses. I explained my restrictions and they came back with a counteroffer of 10 student licenses on a "family plan" for $439 a year. I'm a teacher for god's sake, do they really think I'm that stupid? Why would anyone purchase a program from a company that is willing to con schools out of valuable resources? Please do not make any purchases from this company. They are scamming schools out of money and treating educators like idiots.

How I Use It

I work with students who are in the general education environment but sometimes don't learn the concepts presented as quickly as their peers. IXL is a great skill and drill tool to reinforce those skills.