Great for Differentiation

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I really like IXL because I am able to differentiate my instruction to help all my students. I wish that it was easier for students to see what they have been assigned because it would be more user friendly. Instead of having a "to-do" list, I have to assign my students the specific skill through Google Classroom and give them the link. It is okay, but I would love if the students had a todo list and I could just assign each student their own activities in an easier manner.

How I Use It

I love to use IXL as a review and to use for intervention. I really like that I am able to assign different things for different students. I also like all the different areas that I can assess students in and have them practice. At the beginning of the week, I always give my students a topic that we reviewed the previous week. I then use the results of how they did to form re-teaching groups. This gives me great data to see who did not understand what I taught and who did. For the students who did understand, I have them extend their learning by going to a higher level. The students who did okay, continue on their current level for a day, then I move them up. The students who did not understand or did poorly come to me for an intervention group then I assign them a lower level for practice and move them up as needed. I also use it to fill in holes as well as extend learning.