Exciting and Engaging Way to Bring the Core into the Classroom

Submitted 7 years ago
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I love this product as a teaching tool so much. I am contemplating buying it with my own money, which is how much I believe this tool would help students and meet their needs under the core state standards. This is something that can be done whole class, but the individual diagnostics would really help drive instruction and help teachers to understand student misconceptions.

How I Use It

I love this product! Even though it is paid, each day you have a limited amount of time/questions that your students can do to help them understand concepts. The activities and questions are aligned to the core and are very engaging. When you sign up for the free trial, you get to see all that is offered in the paid version. The paid version would be well worth the money. The diagnostics are amazing. You can see what questions students answered (correct and incorrect) and you can also see the amount of time spent on the subject areas. As the students work (if you create an account for them) it tracks their progress an awards them fun virtual prizes. One of my students won a sky scraper while another won an ice cream truck. They were so excited!! I was actually quite surprised at how motivated my students were to practice their math on these. I also used it in ELA class and students were just as motivated to practice. I love the diagnostic tool, however that's only available in the paid version (after the free trial is over).

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