Practice building skills fluency using IXL

Submitted 9 years ago
Rick B.
Rick B.
K–12 school
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IXL is a great tool for use in building fluency skills in mathematics. By having a way to remediate skills where students have been identified as needing work, you can allow students to build up the building blocks needed to be successful in all future mathematical endeavors. The service is a pay to use service, so without district support, it is a very difficult to tool to implement in a practical sense.

How I Use It

In our state, we have a dedicated program in all schools to identify and support learning for all students. I have used IXL to help those students who I have that are needing to build up their basic skills they have missed, for whatever reason, in previous grades. After identifying the skills where practice is needed, students were assigned a specific set of skills to work through. In doing so, it allows me to see their success in weekly reports, emailed to my registered email address, and provide any assistance to the students as needed when a struggle may take place. Initially, the students were excited about something different being used, but after a time period, the students began, like with many things, grew tired of the program, as it, to them, became boring to them.