Helps students figure out what they need help in along with letting the teacher know what needs to be focused on more in class.

Submitted 9 years ago
Shelby B.
Shelby B.
Captain Gilmer School
Fletcher NC, US
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My Take

This helps me as a teacher to not have to worry about coming up with new problems. I do not like how it times the kids though. Some children feel pressured and therefor do not do as well as I feel they would if it was not timed. It lets me monitor the children throughout there process of the subject to see how well they are really doing. I can go before the children and do the problems myself and see how hard it is for some children and how easy it may be for others. My overall general feel of this product as a tool for teaching, is great! I will be using it for awhile.

How I Use It

I use this for homework and class demonstration. I like how it tells the children what was wrong about the problem and how to find the solution. I do not like the timed sessions. I would like to see an option for no timing for my students who have ADD or something similar.