This app is a simple, yet effecitve way for students to create their own visual diagram using any content.

Submitted 9 years ago
Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.
ITRT - Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
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Students who have had experience using the program, Inspiration, should be able to use this app with no trouble. They can choose to create their own diagram or they can choose from a variety of templates. Ideas can be added with text boxes and pictures. Ideas can be linked together using arrows. Students can select options to change the shape, style, text and diagram as it appears on the screen. They move from the picture view to the writing view in order to expand on the ideas created in their visual diagram.

How I Use It

Inspiration is a great tool for students! This free app is a nice way for students to create their own diagram to show their thinking and learning that's taken place. The only limitation that I can see is the sharing feature. Diagrams can be printed or emailed with the free version. It would be nice to have the Save to Photos feature included with the free version instead of only the full version. You can always take a screen shot of whatever has been created.