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Great for outlining stories!

Have not used this yet, however it looks like an awesome tool for the classroom.
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I'm in LOVE!

As a teaching tool, Inspiration helps students categorize and play around with their ideas. Unlike the note cards that I used with my students prior to the indoctrination of this fantastic product, once a student adds the information to a map, it can't get "lost" in a backpack or left in a library book. Highest on my list was the ease with which the students were able to access the platform and use the maps. In addition, the students were completely gratified at their results. To see a student who had formerly grappled with visual-motor integration skills create a perfect outline brought happiness to heart!
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Great and easy way for students to present information learned in class or making a reading report!

It can be a little tricky to use for students the first time they use it. Text and arrows appear instantly as you tap the screen, you can move objects and if you don´t have any practice on it, students can loose their patience easily. But as always, as soon as students get along with the app, it´s fun and very easy to use.
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This app is a simple, yet effecitve way for students to create their own visual diagram using any content.

Students who have had experience using the program, Inspiration, should be able to use this app with no trouble. They can choose to create their own diagram or they can choose from a variety of templates. Ideas can be added with text boxes and pictures. Ideas can be linked together using arrows. Students can select options to change the shape, style, text and diagram as it appears on the screen. They move from the picture view to the writing view in order to expand on the ideas created in their visual diagram.
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