Excellent teaching tool that allows students hands-on experience in learning about our government.

Submitted 8 years ago
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I like the way this site allows you to interact. What better way to enhance learning than by giving students actual scenarios and actual time interacting with the topics. Hands-on activities help students commit concepts to long term memory and simulations help them retain even more information.

How I Use It

I want to incorporate lessons in class with this website. Some of the first lessons I want to cover are the three branches of powers and supreme court. This website breaks down these concepts by allowing students to become part of the process. They learn by actually becoming part of a virtual scenario. I will introduce branches of powers and supreme court in class discussion, then assign the simulations on the website for review. Students can share in class how this worked for them and as a group discuss their experiences. Then, reintroduce these topics in class to see what they know AFTER playing the simulations on the website.