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Pros: Lots of assigning and reporting options for teachers and parents.

Cons: Questions can become repetitive for students, and hints/feedback are limited in scope.

Bottom Line: A good little math tool for helping students practice skills and for teachers to track and assess student progress.

I Know It is best used as a supplement to lessons being taught in class; students can practice skills, and teachers and parents can evaluate their progress. Topics can be assigned to students individually, or students can be given the option to explore any concepts the teacher chooses to make available. There are a LOT of questions available covering basically all math curriculum from grades K-5. In addition, each set of questions is linked to Common Core State Standards (which can be viewed by clicking the "CC" button by each set of questions). This makes it easy for teachers to pair the questions with what they're teaching in class.  

The question sets can be used for students who need more practice as well as for students who want to explore other areas. However, care should be taken with this, as lessons aren't really provided and students will need to figure out the information on their own. With hints and incorrect question explanations, this is possible for more advanced or independent students, though. I Know It has another nice feature where it doesn't show the grade level of questions to students; instead it labels them as A, B, C, etc. While this is nice for younger grades, older students would most likely figure out the correlation between A=1, B=2, and C=3 quite quickly.

I Know It is an interactive math practice site for elementary students. Examples of lessons include Addition to 10, Counting Coins, Fractions of Shapes, and Multiplying Decimals. Teachers can create a "classroom" and assign their students to it. The students then log in to their own accounts and go through available questions, which can be assigned to individual students or to the class. Teachers can provide no hints, two hints, or unlimited hints per question set, but these hints repeat and are limited in what they cover -- they're not a substitute for lessons. In addition, if a student gets a question incorrect, the student is provided with the correct answer and a small explanation.

Teachers receive detailed progress reports on each student, can assign content to specific students or the whole class, and can limit or expand what students have access to. There are a lot of options available in the teacher dashboard, and students are also provided with badges and awards (including printable certificates) for their accomplishments.

As a way to reinforce skills, I Know It is a good, solid resource. It excels as a way for teachers to track their students' progress and understanding of math topics. The interface is bright and colorful, and the animations could especially be appreciated by younger students. There's also the option to turn them off on a per-student basis if desired (the robot can be a little much over time). 

I Know It could still use some improvement with student engagement, however. Even though there's variety in the question format (multiple choice, true/false, drag and drop, enter text), the overall format of the question sets is typical "skill drill," where similar questions are repeated over and over. The teacher can set the number of questions per set (the default is 15), but even so, it can get repetitive. The badges and certificates are a nice touch and could help motivate students, but the amount of time a student would want to spend on the site would most likely be limited to a few minutes. 

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Colorful collections of math questions provide fun encouragements and interactive ways for students to practice their skills, though they can get repetitive.


Students have opportunities to flex their math muscles and practice skills already taught through a variety of question formats.


Hints are provided, but there's little in the way of structured content beyond the questions provided. There are nice progress tracking tools for teachers.

Common Sense reviewer
Pamela Brittain
Pamela Brittain Academic Coordinator K - 12

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