Use Your Brain!! HippoCampus is a great resource for anyone who wants a dynamic learning experience for their classroom.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

The feature I like best is the ability for the site to host just about any type of media.

PRO- Endless possibilities for publishing resources.

CON- Teacher may have to set up various "classes" to provide less options for struggling students; because may be a bit overwhelming with so many choices.

How I Use It

Hippocampus is a middle school and high school resource; provides an opportunity for a teacher to pull from various sources to make a unique playlist that fits their individual student as well as classroom needs. One can provide the struggling student resources that include videos and simulations shoring up their basic skills while the general and advanced learners can be challenged with work at the college level. It is one of the original sources for Open Resources, providing a platform for videos, simulations, PDF files, web pages and now, interactive Google Docs. Because it is a curation platform one can link, drop, just about any resource making it available for your students.

Advanced students will be thrilled with it, the struggling students can as well provided one is given the appropriate support. Wide range of topics is covered as well