Site for all subjects!

Submitted 8 years ago
Karen P.
Karen P.
Detroit Academy of Arts And Sciences
Detroit MI, US
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My Take

I really liked this site. It offers help in social science, natural science, math and humanities. Each section is categorized based on topic and source such as presentations, simulations, test prep and examples. I would say that this site is geared towards middle to high school teachers/students based on the topics and information it gives. The site is a little overwhelming at first but once you explore and spend some time on it you will begin to navigate much easier. I would suggest not waiting until the last minute to use this but to make sure you devote time to explore and find the appropriate material.

How I Use It

This product would be helpful for any classroom/subject. It offers a wide variety of topics which I like because I have in the past taught several different subjects and it's nice to have one source that I can pull for all my subjects. In addition it has several different formats including audio and visual. That helps me with my special education students that I get from time to time as well as all helping to reach all of the students.