Hero Elementary

Cute science and engineering activities can fill gaps, feed curiosity

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Price: Free
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Pros: It's really easy to jump into activities for some impromptu computer time.

Cons: Can't track progress across play sessions. Some games can be pretty challenging.

Bottom Line: These games can be a great supplement to a science class, though each individual activity works best when played in a single session.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Use Hero Elementary for science and engineering exploration. The two games that focus on engineering and logical problem-solving may be a bit difficult for younger students, so teachers should be available for help and guidance if needed, at least at first. Hero Elementary can easily fill classroom downtime or occupy students who finish other activities early. It's super easy to hop into and play.

Teachers could also expand on the topics in Hero Elementary -- for instance, by investigating more about the "photos" students take to represent each of the four seasons. They could use the playground recycling activity as inspiration for working on a recycling effort in their school or community. Or, they could have students reflect on their work in the engineering game by creating reports about what they tried, what worked and what didn't, and what they learned about building solid buildings. The offline activities are pretty basic, but some teachers may find the coloring pages or draw-a-hamster guide useful, especially if their students are familiar with the Hero Elementary TV series.

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The science and engineering-based themes will capture some students' interest; cute animals and superheroes can capture the rest. Difficulty increases gradually to keep students on their toes.


Students learn about engineering, logic, recycling, creative problem-solving, and seasons of the year through activities and videos. Games offer some feedback but not much depth.


There are audio supports for non-readers as well as closed captioning. Games start with guided how-to's, though there's no option for saving progress.

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