Great functionality for a great price- perfect for small, G Suite-heavy schools

Submitted 3 years ago
Erik S.
Erik S.
Belmont Day
Belmont MA, US
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My Take

When fully utilized and treated as a primary tool (as opposed to using it in conjunction with Google Classroom or another LMS), I think Hapara can empower a teacher to create and maintain a robust and engaging digital age learning environment. It could serve teachers and students even better by creating more or enhancing existing features so that it differentiates itself even more from similar, free tools like Google Classroom.

How I Use It

Our school primarily uses the screen and browser tab monitoring feature in addition to the features that provide teachers access to their students' Drive and Gmail. Those features work very well and are very user friendly. The Workspace module, which provides more content creation, content management functionality (to create lesson plans) is really cool and has improved recently.