Appropriate for pleasure reading, but limited as a teaching tool.

Submitted 9 years ago
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As I start to move more toward e-texts, I'm always looking for ways for students to access the classics we read in class on their devices. This app offers a literary buffet of public domain works, which is tempting. To start, I downloaded Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which surprisingly offered images of illustrations and pages from an early edition of the novel. Very pretty. However, it is lacking a basic function I use all the time when I use etexts to teach: a search function. If, for example, I wanted to find every instance of the word "river" in the text, I couldn't do so with this app (as far as could see). Also, when I tried to get rid of the (very annoying) ads by upgrading to pro, the app crashed. Boo. Overall, I'm not blown away.

How I Use It

I use etexts for independent reading, and to refer to during literature discussions.