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Pros: Moderation and privacy options make Twitter more manageable.

Cons: Works best if all users have their own Twitter accounts.

Bottom Line: A great way to use social media in school without compromising student safety.

With GroupTweet, teachers can facilitate a student discussion or encourage students to share pertinent articles, videos, and such. Teachers could also use GroupTweet to share student work on a private or public feed, with the option to keep the students' identities or Twitter usernames private. Social media etiquette, microblogging, and participating in digital conversations are important 21st-century skills. With GroupTweet, teachers can support the development of these digital skills in a relevant and engaging way.

GroupTweet is also a great solution for the greater school community. For example, co-teachers can both contribute to a public classroom account to share news with parents. School administrators can solicit tweets from the staff, and then moderate the feed to present a timely and unified message.

GroupTweet is a platform that allows multiple users to contribute to a single Twitter feed from their own Twitter accounts. Students or other teachers can tweet to the Twitter group (@yourgroupname), and the moderator can choose if and when to make the tweet appear on the group feed. You can invite approved contributors via a link or Twitter username. If users don't have a Twitter account, they can register with an email address and tweet from your GroupTweet dashboard. Your group account and your contributors' Twitter accounts can be public or private. You can choose for the group tweets to show which contributor posted it (this is the default) or you can automatically remove the contributors' usernames. There are many different styles and settings, so you have a lot of control over how your Twitter feed looks.

Teachers have been looking for a private way to use social media in their classrooms. GroupTweet solves that problem. It's simple and safe. Teachers can choose to make every tweet completely public or private or something in between. The moderation option is great for public feeds, but may not be necessary for private classroom discussions. Students don't even need to have a Twitter account to participate, which could make this tool appropriate for teachers of younger students who use Twitter to communicate with parents.

You may already be using Twitter to share class news with parents or deliver assignments to students. Maybe you're even using custom hashtags to facilitate student discussions. GroupTweet can help you do all that and more. GroupTweet makes it easy to have multiple contributors to a tweet feed without retweeting. It also makes cumbersome hashtag conversations a thing of the past. Best of all, students and teachers can keep their Twitter accounts private and don't have to follow each other.

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Tap into students' social media savvy using GroupTweet to make connections and inspire collaboration.


In turning Twitter into a secure, classroom-friendly platform, there's potential to develop good digital citizenship while giving students an authentic voice to share, question, and encourage.


Students won't need much help, but if you do, GroupTweet offers online tutorials plus chat, email, and phone support.

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Melissa Powers
Melissa Powers School Library and Technology Specialist

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