Animated videos and supplemental resources support mental health, SEL

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Health & Wellness

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Pros: Resources address a variety of specific mental health issues with age-appropriate explanations and scenarios.

Cons: There's no way to preview the range of materials before purchase.

Bottom Line: This toolkit built around video content and printables can help teachers present SEL and mental health concepts.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Teachers can use the GoZen videos and activities to showcase a variety of SEL and mental health topics. Each module addresses a specific issue. Teachers can show the videos to the whole class if they feel that the topic is universal enough -- e.g., perhaps those that focus on anxiety, anger, procrastination, well-being and resiliency, or perfectionism. Teachers can engage students in group discussions, or use some of the worksheets included in the resource section. Most topics lend themselves easily to discussion questions, such as if students recognize themselves in the scenarios. If the module includes specific strategy suggestions, students can practice through journal writing or role playing. There's some brain science included as well, so there are opportunities to tie in to science. Some topics might be better suited to individual students for whom that issue is relevant, like obsessive-compulsive disorder. In that case, teachers may prefer to work with the student(s) individually. Older students can read stories or watch the videos on their own and complete follow-up journals or worksheets. There are also "master classes," aka video lectures, designed for teachers and professionals to learn more about how to support themselves and their students. Unfortunately, there's very limited free access, so it's difficult to get a real sense of the materials before you sign up.

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Animated videos should capture students' attention, even if some might feel they're a bit cheesy. Topics are highly relevant.


Animated dramatizations and printables are the main resources. Students can compare themselves to the characters and learn strategies through observation and supplemental activities. 


Teacher resources focus mostly on professional development video lessons. There's no teacher dashboard or system for tracking. No accessibility supports. Free access is very limited.

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