Interactive formative assessment and engagement tool great for BYOD

Submitted 7 years ago
Shana W.
Shana W.
Creekland Middle School
Lawrenceville GA, US
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My Take

Go SoapBox is an engaging tool to use with students to gather their understanding of a particular topic (through the quizzes or discussion option) and use as a formative assessment. Additionally, it can be used to introduce a unit. Teachers can use the polling feature to peak student interest in a new topic. I like that Go Soapbox allows participants to notify teachers when they are having issues or do not understand a particular item they are being asked to complete. Overall Go Soapbox is an effective tool to engage students, provide teachers with feedback and give students access to sharing their ideas and thoughts on certain concepts digitally.

How I Use It

I used GoSoapBox usually as a part of my activator to introduce a unit. I love the polling feature as well as the formative assessment features. Students can also complete discussion prompts and respond to classmates regarding a particular topic given by a teacher. I did like as a teacher I could choose to lock certain items for students to access at a later time or when they were ready. The only issues that I did have with Go SoapBox is having to create/set-up each of my classes so their data could be gathered individually. I also wish the discussions allowed more filtering to make them easier to read but also remove inappropriate statements by students.