Google Scholar Useful for Research Projects

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Google Scholar is an excellent way for my students to utilize the latest research on their self-selected topics. It is an effective way for students to narrow their search and to utilize valid sources (instead of just using unreliable sources that pop up under whatever search engine they are using). I particularly liked the citation formats that are provided for my students. It allows them a way to speedily post the APA format. The case law option is also manageable for high school students to access cases that pertain to their topic.

How I Use It

I am currently using it with my Mass Media analysis classes. It is tremendously helpful because it highlights valid sources related to their topics. The only drawback I have found is that sometimes all they can access are the abstracts. Sometimes, students would have to pay in order to gain the full article. I find that students have better sources by using Google Scholar versus the old way of just having them type in the search topic into any search engine. I feel as if this year, the papers will be of higher quality.