Decent google searching for more advanced search results

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

As the review stated, Google Scholar is best for high school and on to college. However, I used it teaching 6th grade and with help, it can be used in the middle school classroom. It takes away most webpages and gives links to books and journals. The text level of these works is rather high. That, along with the fact that you need to pay for some of the journals, can be major stumbling blocks.

My overall opinion is that we need to teach our students more about research then comes from a regular Google search. Google Scholar and other search engines need to be introduced to students along with how different search terms and words modify your results. Common Sense Media works to teach this in their digital citizenship curriculum. This is a stepping stone to data bases offered in college that students will be expected to be able to navigate through.

How I Use It

I used this as an option for my advanced students. They didn't need to really use it yet, but I wanted them to learn how to use it and how to use the advanced settings. It was used for research on projects in science and social studies.