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Communication & Collaboration, Critical Thinking, English Language Arts

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Classroom Management, Media Literacy

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Pros: It's easy to use, versatile, and can keep kids communicating and building skills outside of class time.

Cons: As there aren't any kid safety rules here, highly supervised use is recommended.

Bottom Line: It runs like a dream, works on all devices, and can be used in so many ways to enhance interactive learning.

Because Hangouts are so flexible, the possibilities are almost endless. You can use Hangouts on Air as a great place to record video lessons that students can watch over and over again, and it can also work well as a flipped classroom tool. It's also an excellent resource for finding already-created content that fits into your lesson plans. Student study groups can coordinate to meet online after school -- as a teacher, you could even join to moderate. Or, extend learning beyond your classroom walls and use Hangouts to chat with far-off guest speakers during class time.

Google Hangouts is a Google-based service that allows you to communicate through text or video with anyone in your network. Chat with a single person or a group of people, or create a "Hangout on Air" to broadcast your video to the world. While you're signed in to Google, click on Try Hangouts; you'll be prompted to install a quick plugin. Hover your mouse over a contact's name; a window will pop up with clickable icons for video, chat, or email. Hangouts can also be recorded and archived if you ever want to revisit a conversation or lesson.

Hangouts on Air are slightly different, as they're live chats that get saved directly to YouTube. Also, Hangouts can be recorded and archived to watch later. Once you're in a call, there are a handful of helpful options: YOu can share a screen with fellow hangers-out, take snapshots of the video call, and even add silly animated hats and accessories.

Google Hangouts are really cool! If you already use Gmail or Google+, getting acquainted with Google Hangouts should be pretty straightforward. Google knows how to make things user-friendly, and Hangouts is no exception; it's well-explained and easy to use (and available as a Chrome app or extension). The ability to chat with up to 10 people at once is pretty exciting, and there's a ton of potential for after-school projects or group work.

Kids can learn how to be involved in a group conversation; little things like waiting their turn to speak, listening, and responding to others' opinions all add up to improved communication skills. When writing instant messages, either silly or school-related, they'll be challenged to get their point across somewhat briefly and quickly; it's a fast medium that makes you think on your feet. Google Hangouts gives kids a place to express themselves, listen, and learn at the same time. In Hangout discussions, they could brainstorm ideas, have a casual chat, or have a serious debate that requires critical thinking and strategy. By collaborating and working together in a group setting, kids may find themselves becoming better communicators in the real-life, non-digital world as well.

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Of course, it all depends on who you're hanging out with, but Google Hangouts can be incredibly fun. Kids will appreciate the emoji selection (special smiley face icons), and face-to-face discussions promote real engagement on any subject.


Whether kids are chatting away over One Direction songs or pondering string theory, they'll learn communication skills that transfer to the non-digital world. It's a great way to extend learning beyond the classroom.


With Google's vast network of products, support is plentiful. Hangouts can be saved and revisited, which is a nice feature for learning.

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Community Rating

Great distance-learning resource.

This product allows the teacher to share their screen to the whole class so that a full-class presentation can be made. It also facilitates questions by individual students. Each student can present their work to the whole class as well.

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  • Users can interact with untrusted users, including strangers and/or adults.
  • Profile information must be shared for social interactions.

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  • Users can create or upload content.
  • Users retain ownership of their data.
  • Processes to access or review user data are available.

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  • Personal information is shared for third-party marketing.
  • Traditional or contextual advertisements are displayed.
  • Personalised advertising is displayed.

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