Great for Tech Savvy Students

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

This tool was difficult to incorporate into my classroom because my students are not very familiar with Google apps yet. They struggle to independently find them and since many of them have iphone do not find Google platforms to be intuitive the way that they seem to me (I've been using Andrioid for several years).

However, I do hope to be able to use this more in the future as my students become more educationally tech savvy (this is my district's first year of each students having their own Chromebook).

How I Use It

I tried using this with my 10 grade students as a way to follow up on class discussions that we just did not seem to have enough time to finish.

Group was easy to set up
It was easy to add students
I like that I could have multiple groups - so I different students are researching different topics, I could send them different follow up info
I like that it creates a listserver for the group (great way for students to stay connected)
I could see this being something that my department could benefit from as a collaborative tool

Getting students to daily check their email
Teaching students how to edit their notification settings
Time consuming to teach to students, with not as much daily value as teaching them Google Docs/Sheets (for example which we use more frequently)