Google Groups Enhance the teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom for your students and parents.

Submitted 6 years ago
Louise L.
Louise L.
National Earth Science Teacher's Association NE Region Liaison contact
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My Take

Excellent for collaboration. Add lots of collaborators quickly by sharing with a Google Group rather than type your collaborators’ email addresses one-by-one, add an entire Google Group. Each member of that Google Group will have access to whatever you’ve shared, including people who are added to the group after you’ve shared something. This option isn’t available for mailing lists that aren’t Google Groups. I enjoyed notifying people when you share something. Whenever you share something with someone they’ll receive an email notification to let them know they have access and can retrieve what you shared the next time they sign into their Google Drive. Prefer not to notify them unchecked the "Notify people via email" box.

How I Use It

I create a doc sheet for my class, then I instructed them to create google mail accounts I added my student's email addresses and that is what links my students and colleagues to the sharing doc. I add clip art to my projects to make them more user friendly. I have my own memos for students on this page, assess student’s assignments, share with colleagues, and students can place their information right on the page where everyone can read it. Peers have a chance assessing each other’s work as well as teachers. You know if the students’ ideas are original or if they have copied from others. It also helps keep a happy medium with parents, because students can work on assignments at home as well as in school. You already have a log in for your personal account at; here you will place each students’ email as a link to your account, now your class can start benefiting from what the site offers to your lessons, projects, and assignments.