Main Topic and Key Detail

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My Take

Review: Great for quick assessment, a bit challenging the first time because you have to model how to do this with the class. The easiest way is to model with an ipad on the ELMO or have it projected on the smartboard.

How I Use It

Tools: Using an ipad device have the students scan the QR code that is taped in their notebook (QR code is linked to my google form, each student has the code taped in their book)

Task: Each form requires the student to enter their number (this allows me to identify who it is). They read the short passage on the topic, then they answer the questions that correlate to the story. The responses are then emailed in a spreadsheet which allows me to create my small groups and review the content questions with the students who need it. Form needs to be limited to one response per person otherwise students may submit multiple responses.