Teacher and students stay organized with everything in one place

Submitted 4 years ago
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Overall I recommend this product. It is free and I hope that it stays that way - but I would pay for it.

How I Use It

I use Google Drive for everything! Obviously, it works well with Google Classroom when I need to send student assignments. Students can create and edit word documents (essays and class worksheets). I can have them take a test on forms and save the results to a Google Sheets spreadsheets. Students can create a PPP using Google Slides to present their learning about a topic. Photos from a class field trip can be easily uploaded and shared. The ways to use this are endless!

Easy to setup
Easy to use
Built-in help features
Autosave - on the cloud
ability to see version history (if you accidently delete everything....or if you have students working in groups and you want to see specifically which student completed which parts)
easy to share

Easier for students who have Andriod devices (many of my students have iphones)