Easy sharing and real-time collaboration in nice package!

Submitted 7 years ago
Russ H.
Russ H.
STEM & Educational Technology Specialist/Technology Liaison
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Since students need a Google account you might run into some issues. Since my school allows me to use our own domain name and utilize Google Apps for Education, we've not run into any issues, have little to no problems regarding privacy, and feel overall that the benefits of Drive far outweigh any hiccups you might encounter. Google Drive is awesome!

How I Use It

I am going into the fourth year of using this platform for the majority of my students. I have a domain from which I give each student an email address and thereafter go through how to best utilize web tools to generate work and collaborate with other students and myself.

The group work is one of the best options that Google Drive allows. Especially within my robotics classes, students are able to work on their robots, building and programming, taking photos and videos to document, and then create amazing Google presentations to share with other groups, as well as the school and their families.

Whole class instruction is also made easier by allowing students to easily access files that can be used as prompts or guides, for example. Additionally, students can comment on each others' work within a master document, take surveys or respond to warm up activities straight off of Drive, and it's super easy to furnish files that they can use for templates to start more complex activities!