A home away from home for your files, plus easy sharing and collaboration

Submitted 8 years ago
Wheatley D.
Wheatley D.
Warren Mott High School
Warren MI, US
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My Take

Google Drive can be used on a very basic level to save files or used to push learning on a global scale. Many of my students are already very comfortable with Google tools, and users of Gmail can easily pick up the interface, too. I like that it eliminates the need for making copies and can make class PAPERLESS overall. Thus, it saves time and money, and eliminates the need to run extra copies. Sharing files is incredibly easy and collaborating on tasks is seamless. If you wanted to connect with a class in another region, Google Drive could be a common space for communicating and cooperating from afar. I truly believe this tool is fairly limitless. You can definitely make it your own. Enjoy!

How I Use It

Google Drive provides a virtual, cloud-based space for your "stuff". I save documents, images, spreadsheets, and more to my Google Drive so that I can more easily access it from home or work, etc. I have also used Drive in my Masters courses for group projects, sharing and receiving files, etc. Drive is a time-saver for teachers (and students) as we create things at home, at a coffee shop, in a library, etc, then want to pull those items up at school-- or vice versa. Google Drive has numerous functions beyond storage and sharing. Teachers can create common files where students can submit work (all files in one place, alphabetical, with a notification of what time it was submitted--woo!). Also, collaboration is key! Students or teachers can cooperatively create documents and other media in real time online. The edits are listed and saved, so contributions are clear and documented.