Necessary Education Tool for the 21st Century Learner

Submitted 8 years ago
Michael G.
Michael G.
Bayshore Middle School
Leonardo NJ, US
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My Take

I love the Google Apps for Education suite, particularly Drive. As a cloud based service, no assignments ever go "missing" and the ease of sharing eliminates the need for printing...less paperwork to bring home. Drive can also be used on any Internet capable device including desktops, laptops, net books, and tablets.
Students gain real life, 21st Century skills applications when working on individual, partner, small group, or whole group collaborative activities.

How I Use It

I use Google Drive everyday in my classroom in conjunction with Google Classroom. From the platform, I can send out (share) activities that are teacher made or PDF files that students work on. Assignments can be done individually or in small group setting where authentic collaboration takes place. Lecture notes or Slides can be shared throughout the classroom. Students and teachers can comment on activities together and can help all students improve cognitive, writing, and basic skills.