Great online, iOS is something to be desired.

Submitted 8 years ago
Sara S.
Sara S.
Sanger High School
Sanger CA, US
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The web browser interface is MUCH more user friendly at this point. Recently, Google split things up on the iOS interfaces so you have to download a different app for each of their programs (so now I have Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides all separately). The mobile interfaces also do not have as many editing features as the website versions. Also, it is currently impossible to edit Slides- you can view them from your iOS devices, but you cannot add to them. In Doc, you can type with the current format, but there is no way to change things like line spacing and adding bullets. For these and many other reasons, Drive is currently way more powerful and easier to use on its online format, and not something I would recommend for iOS devices for prolonged usage.

How I Use It

Google Drive is an absolutely fantastic tool that is limited only by your imagination. Whether you use the Apps or work generally in the online format, there are programs and apps within Drive that support almost anything you want to do with your students. Here are some of the ways I've used it:
- creation of Presentations (shared with me and with other students) to allow collaboration and accountability: students are able to work on slides simultaneously, and I can check their revision history to see who is putting in the most work, and who may be slacking off
- creation of shared or personal documents to create essays, responses to topics, etc.; grading essays on Drive and inserting comments when necessary (rather than printing and writing comments)
- use of Forms for online quizzes of students' knowledge; creation of forms for submission of work (students submit share link, and then I have a form with all of their documents instead of hundreds of files in my shared folder); use of forms to gain feedback from students, teachers, parents
- use of Drawing to create posters for clubs, graphics to be inserted in other documents, manipulation of images, creation of maps and floor plans to aid in architectural designs and changes to buildings
- use of Sites to create hubs for classroom and library on campus and store information, post announcements and assignments, create a calendar for students and parents to subscribe to, send reminders of important deadlines, host discussion boards with Google Groups