Absolutely wonderful and efficient way to do group work.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

This a a HUGE tool for partner and group work. I absolutely love having my students do group work with Google Docs. It is great in that students can work on the same thing together at the same time, either at school, or at home. The students have caught on quickly with the relatively easy to use tools and have been able to show me some new things along the way. Students can create projects for any class, share it with each other and with you easily and quickly once everyone is logged in. The tricky things that I have run into is getting everyone logged in and set up and making sure they don't accidentally delete anything. What I like the most is no more having to use flash drives or have students log in to my computer to present to the class. The students just share their presentations with me and I can pull it up for everyone to see.

How I Use It

I do a lot of group projects in Social Studies. Multiple students are able to work on the same project, usually a presentation, at the same time seamlessly. All students change make changes in real time and can see where their group members are working as well so that they are not all doing the same thing. The programs automatically save as you go so there is no worries about a computer crashing mid project. The ONLY thing that I did not like is that occasionally you will get a student that accidentally deletes some part of the work and unless you get to it quickly to hit undo, then it is gone forever.