Google Drive supports student collaboration

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

What I like about Google Drive is that students can share docs easily and collaborate on the same document. I can send out something I want them to work on directly into their google drive, they can open it, make a copy, and complete the assignment and share their completed assignment with me all through the drive. Additionally, they can share the document with another student so that they work on the document collaboratively. Google drive will work when you are offline, but it is web-based, so if your wifi or broadband is poor it might not work effectively. I love that is saves the students' work automatically, and that they can go back through their revision history if they decide to change something back to an earlier version.

How I Use It

I do a writing workshop through google docs. The students write their narratives or expository writing write into a document. They can then share it with me and I can comment on it. It makes it very easy for them to see where they should revise or edit their work. They also do peer editing by sharing the document with their peers.

The students use slides to create presentations about science topics - most recently they created slides about extreme weather. Again, the slides can be worked on collaboratively (at the same time) - two kids, two chromebooks, one document! I am very impressed with google drive, and I think it has unlimited capabilities for students' creating projects. If you do, project based learning or genius hour it provides the students with the tools they need to create independently.