Amazing capabilities, made stronger through add-on scripts

Submitted 9 years ago
Kelly K.
Kelly K.
Eastern High School
Ada MI, US
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My Take

Full Google Drive implementation has taken my classroom activities to a new level. Transition time has been reduced and students can dive right into warm-up activities. Students appreciate how their work, papers, and notes are always accessible, and never lost in the abyss of a backpack.

How I Use It

I use Google Drive to conduct an almost paperless English 9 classroom. I pass out papers using Doctopus scripts, I collect google drive assignments using Google Forms asking for links. I can grade essays using Doctopus and Goobric add-ons to Drive. Students and I take time to organize our papers by creating folders and communicating where everything should be located. Students have been able to store videos made in class on Drive and share them with peers without having to deal with YouTube being blocked.
Drive has become an integral part of my teaching.