Google Drive makes collaboration between students and teachers simple.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My school uses google drive extensively. We use it between staff members to communicate about meetings, schedules, etc. We use it to back up important documents. It helps us to work more collaboratively, saves paper, and encourages independence in students.

How I Use It

My favorite is using it for writing prompts, because it makes the grading process quicker and easier, I can provide better and more immediate feedback, and the students learn to become better peer editors. I also enjoy using the presentations for vocabulary with my students. Each student is responsible for one word, and when they are finished, everyone has access to a great tool for studying all the words.The thing that can get tricky is when students try to chat with each other. This is easily addressed by showing students the "revision history" and making them aware that even if they erase what they've written, I can see everything they've ever typed into a document.