Best LMS for the money!

Submitted 4 years ago
Eric L.
Eric L.
Trinity North Elementary School
Washington PA, US
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My Take

Google continues to listen to feedback from educators, and the improvements from the first edition to the current edition are proof. As an educator, you are limited on Google Classroom by your own creativity and time limitations. There are opportunities to differentiate and personalize learning, extend the conversation, and incorporate other apps into your teaching, all under one roof. The new flow is making it easier for students to focus, as the former versions placed all announcements and assignments on one page, like a social media stream, making it difficult for some learners to focus on what they need to do, especially if you use it prolifically. While it won't interface with your schools SIS gradebook, from the "free" platforms, there's nothing better at this point.

How I Use It

We use this in place of an LMS in our school, largely due to its price point and its ability to interface with the rest of GSuite for Education. Google Classroom allows you to personalize lessons, differentiate, and pull resources from across the web, all under one roof. I have used it with EdPuzzle to operate a "flipped" classroom, and even my 6th graders at the time were able to operate it with minimal interventions from me.