Great tool to use to organize your assignments online

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

This app has kept me very organized and very productive in my work. I have been able to keep track of due dates and what Assignments I handed out. The one thing I have a complaint about is that it’s not always available to everyone. Some kids don’t have access to an electronic device to render them a part of the group and to get the assignment done. Unless the whole class has a way of everyone using an electronic device, then it won’t work for everyone.

How I Use It

This app Is amazing! I have always had trouble keeping track of the papers I have, don’t have and what assignments I handed out. Or even If I reminded the students of something that needed to be reminded. With this app I am now able to keep my work in order, keep track of who turned in the assignment and if they turned it in later or not! I have never been more organized! And even on the students side of the program, you can look at what assignments you need to do, what assignments are due soon, and who is in the classroom!, you can also add a class comment under each assignment if there are any question, or anything. I highly recomend using this app.