Great implementation of a Virtual Classroom

Submitted 5 years ago
Andre D.
Andre D.
Business Technology Early College High School
Queens Village NY, US
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Have you ever heard of a paperless Classroom? You can go along way to making that a reality with Google Classroom. You can create assignments, provide and link to reading materials, video and other resources right from the Teachers console. Even if you are going to be out of the classroom, you can provide a meaningful lesson for your students. You can collect and grade their responses or their submissions of course work directly from the Google Classroom. You can interact with your students both publicly (entire classroom population) or individually using the messaging feature of the classroom. As long at the students have access to PC’s or smart devices, they can access their classrooms, and complete their work.

How I Use It

I conduct almost all of my lessons from google classroom. I can provide materials and assignments in the classroom or remotely.