Easy and intuitive way to manage your classroom.

Submitted 8 years ago
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Since I teach all classes at my school, I've slowly been adding more and more classes. It's a great way to have assignments available online for students to check. Past assignments are marked as "Done" so students don't get confused. Having a mobile app is great. Students can't really complain that they didn't know about an assignment anymore. In the future, I'd like to see calendar integration and better grading abilities. Google is working on this all the time and is still listening to all teacher feedback to make a great app.

How I Use It

Google classroom is a way to manage my classes. I create a class and have all my students join it with a class code. Once they've joined, they can access classroom announcements and assignments from any internet-connected device. Assignments are very easy to create. It's great to be able to create a Google doc template/worksheet and attach it. Each student gets his/her own copy of the document that they complete online and then "Turn in" to you. Once they've turned it in, they can no longer edit it. As the teacher, you can make corrections and comments and return it to the student. How easy is that?! No more red & green pens! Students can always upload additional files and turn them in as well. One really nice feature is the mobile app. Students can take a photo of a written assignment and turn in that photo so you can grade it online. Classroom is still actively being updated and worked on. It's not perfect but it's quickly becoming so. Current annoyances: no way to create groups within a classroom and assign group projects, integration with other gradebook programs is missing, grading assignments currently only has a few options for points possible (e.g. 20 points, 100 points).

Overall though, it's very smartly made.