Book clubs, recommendations, summaries and more. Everything you always wanted to know about a book and more. Interactive and informative all in one. A must for any reading classroom.

Submitted 5 years ago
Karen M.
Karen M.
Hampton Roads Academy
Newport News VA, US
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My Take

This app serves to help build excitement about reading by personalizing genres and interests. Great quote section, trivia, and discussion options. Helps to engage the students with summaries and reviews, and soon to be released, can be broken down by author, and students can track what they read or what they want to read in the my books section.

How I Use It

This app is great for choosing independent reading books for students, especially those readers that don't know what they want to read next...whether reluctant or avid. The site is full of recommendations by genre and award wining books.Great place for book discussions. Also if you join, sign up for the newsletters. They are geared towards personal interests.