Incredible source for students who are looking for a new yet challenging read.

Submitted 9 years ago
Ashley S.
Ashley S.
Rugby High School
Rugby ND, US
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I love GoodReads. This is such an amazing website that allows students to go in and look at other student's opinions about the novels. With today's youth and the passion to read slowing diminishing, I think this is a great site that really allows students to see what other kids their age are saying about a specific book.

How I Use It

I teach a 7th grade reading course and students come into my room with the idea that they are going to have to read a boring book and answer a lot of questions about it. They plan to read the book and only read it because I am making them. They read it so they can then answer questions about it. With a website like GoodReads, this is allowing the students to really go dig into a book that they will enjoy. It gives them an opportunity to see what others are saying about the book they may be interested in.